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Guide to Personal Injury Claims in Dublin

If you have been involved in an accident where you have sustained an injury and you are considering a claim, we may be able to help. If you would like some objective real-world advice on the strengths and weaknesses of a potential claim, including some guidelines on how to assess who may be at fault we can help.

Unfortunately, people get involved in accidents every day of the week whether at work, in a road traffic accident or car crash or it could be more serious, where medical or dental negligence is involved.

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The Personal Injury Claims Process in Ireland Explained

Personal injury is a term that describes physical or psychological injuries and illnesses that were caused by negligence from a third party. There is the option for those who suffered a personal injury to put in a claim to get compensation, and if they are successful then the party that injured them will be ordered by the courts to pay for the damages – meaning for medical costs, ongoing care, and potentially compensation for trauma or for loss of earnings.

There are many different types of personal injury claim. Some of the most common include road traffic accidents, medical negligence, slips or falls in a public place, workplace injuries, accidents, criminal offences, and accidents on holiday.


If you want to put in a claim, you must act promptly. There will be a limitation on how much time can pass after an accident. You have two years to make the claim – or, for a child, two years after their 18th birthday. If you want to put in a claim, you must act promptly.

Different Kinds of Compensation

You can claim for general damages and special damages. General damages payments will cover you for how the injuries affected you, and how they are likely to affect you in the future. You will need to get a report from a medical expert to support the claim that you are making.

Special damages relate to things like loss of earnings. The goal of a special damages claim is to get you back into the financial situation that you were in as if the accident had never happened. You will need to keep any receipts or invoices and prove any loss of earnings.

How to Claim

You could go to a lawyer and pay them to make the claim, and some people do, but there are many lawyers that do no win, no fee services. With these, they will take on your case and take a percentage of the compensation. There are no up-front costs. If you attempt to make a claim in this way, the lawyer will consider it first and will take out an insurance policy to protect you from having to pay the other party’s expenses, should you lose. If you win, then they will take a percentage out of the compensation before it is transferred to you, so you will not “feel the expense” in the slightest.

It can take a long time to go through the personal injury claims process. Document everything from the moment the injury happens, be patient and avoid dealing with the third party as much as possible. If they try to communicate with you, direct them to your lawyers, to ensure things are handled professionally.

* In contentious business a solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

We can come to you! Please call or text or “WhatsApp” us in confidence on 087 2531096.


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